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Explosion Venting Panel

Explosion Venting Panel
Product details

Product Description

Rapid pressure relief, light weight and durable

Secondary damage shall not be formed easily when relieving explosion

Good compression strength,Superior fireproof performance

Outstanding thermal insulation performance

Mature damp proof and antiseep technique

Rapid installation, easy for surface decoration

Technical Data

Material composition: mineral substance, magnesium gelling, plant fiber, modifying agent, additives, etc.

Compliance Standard: As per GB8624-2006.

Non Flammability: A class

Dimension: 2440mm×1220mm×9mm

Density: ≥1000g/m3

Coefficient of heat conductivity: ≤0.27W/m.k

PH value: 9

Bending strength: 12.40N/mm2 

Horizontally; 10.39N/mm2 vertically

Application Scope

External wall and roof of pharmaceutical factory

External wall and roof of chemical plant

External wall and roof of gas boiler room

Wall and escape wall of underground sites

Wall of storage room for special articles

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Address: Office No.1802, Entrance 2, Building 7 Of The Junlintianxia, Linping South Street, Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China
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